Osaka Trip 2014 – Day 3 (Kyoto)

Woke up around 9am and took the milk and bread that we had bought from supermarket last night to save some expenses after we had that expensive crab meal last night 😦 After that we check out of the hotel and dragging our luggages  to the train station to take the Kintetsu train from Osaka Uehomachi -> Yamato -> Saidaji -> Kujo Station in Kyoto. It was raining when we reached Kujo Station. Dragging our luggages with one hand and holding the umbrella in another, we walk along the streets of Kyoto with fallen leaves of Gingko tress to find our next accommodations – Anteroom, which we will be staying for 2 nights.

Anteroom – Booked this through http://hotel-anteroom.com/en. Booked the semi-double room (which we thought is the same as double room as the website did not show any semi-double room). After we checked in and reached our room, we found that the room does not match the picture displayed in the website as Double room. The bed in our room is a super single bed, which looks quite tight for 2 person to sleep in it. So we called the hotel staff to re-confirm our room and we were told that Semi-double room is the single room with super single bed that we are having now. The double room is booked and we could only upgrade to Twin room tomorrow if we want. But we have to pay the extra, so in the end I just say forget about it. So we squeeze in the super single bed for 2 nights. Other than all these, the room actually looks quite modern and nice. So if you are planning to stay there with 2 person, it will be better to book the Double Room or the Twin room for a better sleep. Best type of room is the Terrance Twin room, which has a balcony where you could sit and have breakfast

926A7452-1 926A7453-1 
The lobby, dinning restaurant, bar and the gallery hall of this hotels are quite nice and this is a boutique hotel. The bar and restaurant close on Monday.

Photo 2-12-14 7 39 54 pm-1 Photo 2-12-14 7 40 22 pm-2 Photo 2-12-14 7 40 30 pm-3

Sitting in the pub drinking glass of wine or plum wine at night is actually quite relaxing and cosy

Photo 2-12-14 7 53 11 pm-4 926A7909-1
After rested in the room for a while, we went out looking for food. We came across this restaurant selling curry rice/noodle near the hotel along the way to the JR station and decided to try this restaurant. We ordered mix fired chicken & vegetable curry rice and vegetable curry rice. The curry taste good as I love Japanese curry 🙂

926A7464-4 926A7465-5
After lunch, we took the train from Kujo station to Shijo Station.

926A7467-7 926A7469-9 926A7471-10 926A7472-11 926A7475-13 926A7477-14
We took the exit B

We are heading for the Kiyomizu-dera temple (Qingshui Temple), but we took the wrong direction and ended walking towards the opposite direction. The scenery along the street are quite beautiful with a flowing small river along it. And there are lots of restaurant along the street too.

926A7484-17 926A7485-18
We reached this main river after a while and make a U-turn and walk along this river towards the Temple direction. Strolling along the river is very relaxing with the cool weather.

926A7493-20 926A7497-21 926A7499-23 926A7500-24 926A7503-25 926A7510-26
After walking for a while along the river, we manage to reached the bridge towards the temple. Before reaching the temple, we pass by this busy area where there a lot of cafe, restaurant and selling local product shops. As we are quite tired, we took a rest at the Tully’s Cafe for a while before we continue to walk towards the temple.

926A7513-28 926A7512-27
Gesha! 🙂
By the time we reached the temple, its already getting dark. Thus we had no choice but to change our plan and visit the temple night scene instead. But the temple will only open from 6.30pm – 9.30pm for night, we walk near around these shop nearby. There are a lot of shops selling food which you could walk and eat at the same time. As my wife & I did not have dinner yet, we decided to look for dinner around here.

926A7515-29 926A7518-30
We passed by this restaurant selling traditional tofu meal and I remember that this shop is recommend online before. So we walked in for dinner.
This restaurant is so spaceous inside and most of the tables and chairs are made of wood.

We looked at the menu and does not understand it. So in the end we ordered by looking at the picture instead. Hehehe…. 😛 We ordered 2 different set meal. One is the Raw & Cooked Tofu set meal and the other is some colourful Mochi with Tofu set meal

926A7520-31 926A7523-33
926A7524-34 926A7521-32
The cooked tofu is very soft and nice. But the cold raw tofu just taste like Tou Huao without sugar…….. When dip the cooked tofu into the Japanese Soy sauce, it really taste so good! 🙂

926A7532-37 926A7531-36
This is the colourful mocha with cooked & raw tofu meal. It has fried Mochi, green pepper and carrot. There is cooked & raw tofu, miso soup and a small fish with some salad. Other than the cooked tofu, the rest taste average only.

After dinner, we approach the temple and paid 200 Yen each for the entry fee.

As for How to get there: Kyoto station -> Bus number 100 or 206 to Gojo-zaka (五条坂) or Kiyomizu-michi (清水道) stop.

926A7544-40 926A7556-44 926A7560-45 926A7578-46 926A7595-49 926A7587-48  926A7600-50 926A7601-51
Rumour said that anyone who can lift this stick up will have the strength to protect the temple. Many are trying, but they seem to be unable to lift it up 😛

After this, we intend to take bus back, but took taxi back in the end. It cost us 1500 Yen for the trip back to our hotel. We took a rest at the hotel bar before we went back to the room to rest for the day.

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