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Osaka Trip 2014 – Day 1&2 (Osaka)

Took an afternoon flight from Singapore to Osaka. Reached Osaka Kansai Airport around 10pm as the flight is slightly delayed. Once alight the air plane, we quickly ran to the checkpoint and to the luggage claim point to claim our luggage. As the last airport limousines to out hotel is 10.30pm, we need to get to the bus stop as fast as possible. But my wife’s luggage does not came out early, thus once saw her luggage, we basically just ran all the way to the bus stop. After got the bus ticket from the vending machine near the bus stop, we queue up at the line. Lucky the bus is not here yet……

We reached hotel in another 1hr plus and straight away checked in. We are so tired, but also excited and hungry as we had not had any dinner yet. Thus after putting our luggage into our hotel room, we went our to look for our supper….. Walking along the street near the hotel, we came across this Ramen Shop and decided to give it a try since there are quite a lot of customer in this shop.

Photo 29-11-14 11 52 20 pm-5 Photo 29-11-14 11 52 27 pm-6 926A7224-3 Photo 30-11-14 1 39 33 am-1

We ordered a Miso Ramen set with pan fry dumpling and a bowl of Original Soup Ramen. As we don’t know how to speak Japanese language, we just point point on the menu… Hehehe…. 😛

Photo 29-11-14 11 35 16 pm-2 Photo 29-11-14 11 25 54 pm-1
Miso Soup Ramen. Taste average….

Photo 29-11-14 11 36 51 pm-4

Pan fry dumpling. Taste good with the pork ingredients in it. The skin is just right

Photo 29-11-14 11 35 31 pm-3
Original Soup Ramen. Taste really good with the soup as the soup is really fragrance. 🙂

After dinner, we continue to walk around this area and walked into a back alley where lots of night shops like pubs, restaurants and clubbing are located. Saw this Takoyaki store with lots of people queuing up which looks like the Takoyaki sold here taste good. But as there is many people queuing up, we just walk past this. But we came across another Takoyaki shop in the alley and bought 6 back to hotel. This taste good too… Or maybe is I am still hungry… 😛 We went back hotel around 1am
Photo 30-11-14 1 07 41 am-1 926A7209-1
This is the hotel room that we stayed in Sheraton Miyako Osaka Hotel. It is not big, but is the 2nd most biggest room among all the places that we stayed during our trip in Japan. The location is very good as the train station is just located beside the hotel. And there are a lot of restaurant around the hotel too. Dotonbori is walking distance from the hotel.

I had booked the 3G MIFI from ECONNECT JAPAN ( weeks before we travel to Osaka. During our trip in Osaka, I used this to go online to post Facebook and surf online for information on transport in Osaka. The 3G reception is very good as most of the places have full signal. The place which I predict will not have any signal (Shirakawago) also have good reception signal. The battery life is average too. It is able to last for half day. And I used the portable power bank provided by ECONNECT JAPAN to recharge the MIFI battery and could last for another half day. The only issue is a lot of heat generated by the device, which it became quite hot after a while. This package was sent to the hotel and we collected this when we checked in at the hotel lobby. And it also include a free huge envelope for me to send back this package on our last day in Osaka. On the last day, I just posted this into the letter box found near our hotel and letter box could be easily found in Japan (even the airport also have). Thus i do recommend this for anyone who wish to stay connect online while traveling in Japan.

On the next day, we woke up around 9am and went out around 10.30am. Took a train from Osaka Uehomachi station (which is beside our hotel) to Nara using the ICOCA card which we bought at the train station. As we did not have breakfast in the hotel, therefore took a brunch near Nara station. There are a lot of restaurant near Nara station and we just anyhow choose one and ordered Roasted Pork rice and Noodle with Sushi set meal.

926A7225-4 926A7227-5
Roasted Pork rice. The pork had some fat meat and it is roasted till just right. When eat with the rice, wow…. its real good….

Noodle with Sushi set meal. As I don’t eat raw food, I did not try this. But the noodle looks good too.

After lunch, we walk to the Nara park where there are lots of deers roaming freely. Along the way, we saw this store with lots of people gather around and notice that it is selling Mochi. We bought 1 to try and it is really soft and warm.

926A7232-1 926A7234-3
After walking for a while, we reached the park. WOW! The deers really roam around freely and you could feed them. There are some stalls here selling biscuit for the deers

926A7254-2 926A7261-1 926A7267-2

She’s really sacred that the deer will bite her fingers… hahaha….. Actually its not pain as they just nibble on your finger and their mouth are soft

926A7282-1 926A7269-3
See me looks so proud! 😛

Must have done something wrong. Thats why confine inside.

926A7290-2 926A7297-2 926A7305-1
AH!!!! I’m surounded by the deers. PLEASE HELP!!!!

After passing through this park, there is a shrine. But we did not enter into those area which need entrance fee and just walk around those free areas and outside.

926A7242-1 926A7244-2926A7247-3
This maple tree is really beautiful under the sunlight

This is a Ginkgo tree and the beautiful yellow leaves shines under the sunlight too

Cute little girl who’s so afraid when her mum had her the deer biscuit. She just keep jumping around want to return the biscuit to her mum…… 🙂

926A7328-1 926A7326-1
A wash up area for people to wash their hands. Seems so different with the taps we used for washing hands

926A7331-2 926A7332-1 926A7336-2 926A7338-1
Selling different Omamori (Japanese amulets (charms, talismans) commonly sold at religious sites and dedicated to particular Shinto deities as well as Buddhist figures, and may serve to provide various forms of luck or protection.)

People wrote their wishes and blessing on these wooden plate and hang in the Shrine

926A7346-1 926A7351-2
926A7354-1 926A7361-2 926A7369-2 926A7362-3

926A7375-1 926A7363-1
Visitors riding on the Japanese Rickshaw….

We passed by this open area which looks beautiful and there are some people resting around in this area under the beautiful sky

926A7382-2 926A7377-1 926A7388-3
We walk towards the biggest temple in here and pass by some food stores along the way. Bought a stick of sausages and a stick of roasted mochi. The roasted Mochi taste bad……926A7393-5 926A7394-6 926A7395-7
At the end of this street is the gate of the Todaiji Temple. The gate is really big when I walk pass it. I looked so tiny

926A7397-1 926A7403-10 926A7408-1
There are lots of big buddha statues in the temple which all looks so magnificent.

There is this pillar with a hole at the bottom which rumour that anyone who manage to crawl pass the hole will become clever. Saw there is a queue of both adults and kids trying their luck to crawl through this. But due to the hole is really small, so only kids or adults who are really thin managed to crawl through this hole. So for me is confirm out of question as i confirm will stuck in the hole. hehe 😛

926A7420-13 926A7423-14 926A7426-15
As we exit the temple, its getting dark. So we took the train back to hotel to rest before we head back to the Dotonburi for dinner. This time we took 2 train stop from Osaka Uehomachi station to reach Dotonburi. Heading straight to the famous for crab restaurant, we took a queue number (8.30pm). Since it is still early, we walk around to look for other foods and saw this famous restaurant with the young people for KUSHIKATSU. Kushikatsu(串カツ) are deep-fried skewers of… almost anything, served with a dipping sauce. They’re a specialty here in Osaka, and you’ll find plenty of restaurants serving this tasty food around the Shinsekai area. One of the best-known restaurants is Kushikatsu Daruma, which opened way back in 1929 has been owned and run by the same family for four generations.

Photo 30-11-14 6 30 19 pm-1 Photo 30-11-14 6 30 36 pm-2 Photo 30-11-14 6 34 44 pm-3
Theres quail egg, beef, octopus, eggplant, oyster etc. Cost around 120 Yen – 300 Yen per stick depend on what you order. The cabbage is free.

Photo 30-11-14 6 37 44 pm-4 Photo 30-11-14 6 45 16 pm-5
This is the dipping sauce. Do remember that you could only dip in once per stick as you should not dip in any food that is bitten before for hygienic purpose. I accidentally dip in twice once. 😛

After this, we went to the crab restaurant known as Kanidoraku Honten with the big crab on top of it. This is the first branch of the chain, founded in 1960, and then there’s another one on the same street and several others across Japan.

Photo 30-11-14 8 24 27 pm-19 Photo 30-11-14 8 03 50 pm-16
We took this 7500 Yen package which consists of fresh raw crabs, crabs and some vegetables for Shabu Shabu, grill crab, starter dishes which mostly made of crabs ingredients, Chawanmushi with crab in it, miso soup, Sushi with crabs ingredients and fruits. So basically all contain crabs in it.

Photo 30-11-14 7 27 16 pm-7 Photo 30-11-14 7 28 26 pm-8
Starter dishes

Photo 30-11-14 7 33 05 pm-9
Raw crabs which tasted really sweet

Photo 30-11-14 7 35 28 pm-11 Photo 30-11-14 7 35 12 pm-10Photo 30-11-14 7 45 22 pm-13
Shabu Shabu….. Taste good

Photo 30-11-14 7 40 33 pm-12
Chawanmushi with crab strips

Photo 30-11-14 7 53 26 pm-14
Grilled crabs

Photo 30-11-14 7 59 53 pm-15 Photo 30-11-14 8 05 33 pm-17
Photo 30-11-14 8 11 17 pm-18
This meal is the most expensive meal in our trip. After the dinner, we walk around this area. There are some shops that sell duty free beauty products. My wife bought a shorts in the Forever 21 store. After that, we took the train back to hotel to rest


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