April 6, 2015

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Maldives Club Med – Day 1

Day 1 start with an early flight from Singapore to Male at around 9.30am. We meet out couple friend Michael & Janice at the airport and we reached there around 8am and we had our breakfast at Kopi Kaki. After breakfast, we proceed to the departure gate and board TigerAir. The whole flight duration is around 5hrs and we reached Male airport around 2.30pm (Singapore Time).

The time different between Maldives and Singapore is 3hrs, therefore the time there is 11.30am. After we step out of fetch arrival gate, we saw the resort guide standing near the gate and we approached him. After registering our names and details, we waited for the last couple to arrive and we board the spa boat ferry towards the Club Med resort.

The boat ride last for 30mins and we arrived at the resort ferry terminal, where the resort GO is waiting for us. The boat ride is actually quite stable and ride is quite smooth….

Resort GO name is Fizz. He guided us to the resort town village and introduced the different places in this resort to us. This place consist of the town village, 2 restaurants, swimming pool, gym, water sports area, open bar, basketball and football court, reading area etc. After that, he guide us to the water villa lounge to brief us on our accommodation for these 3 nights and intro Gina to us. As my water villa accommodation is quite far away from my friends water villa, we request to change to one that is nearer to their villa. Thus the GO asked the other couple who happened to be allocated a villa that is near my friend’s villa if they could changed with us. They agreed and we changed to a villa opposite to my friend’s villa. Then we are guided by Gina to our villa and she explained to us on all the stuff in the villa and how to operate those stuff. She is really very friendly and shes from Korea. We took a short rest in our villa while waiting for our luggage.

926A8402-12 926A8410-14 926A8411-15 926A8412-16 926A8415-17 926A8416-18
After that we proceeded to the restaurant to have our first meal on this island. There is some distance from our villa to the restaurant.

926A8419-19 926A8420-20 926A8421-21 926A8428-25 926A8429-26 926A8430-27
The last few photos above shows the main village town area where the main restaurant and shops located. The lunch that we had is the international buffet lunch. The food that are provided in this restaurant is really delicious and also the presentation is very nice. I had half raw beef with mash potato, pizza, laksa, cold soba etc…. There is free flow of beer in the restaurant too if you will like to chill with beer

926A8422-22 926A8424-23 926A8425-24
After lunch, we stroll around the island for a while to get familiarise with the island and the facilities in here.

926A8433-28 926A8435-29 926A8436-30 926A8437-31 926A8438-32 926A8439-33 926A8442-35 926A8445-37 926A8447-38
This is the Water Villa lounge area where only cater to Water Villa guest

After that we went back to our villa to prepare for our 1st snorkelling below our villa…. 🙂

The sun is really burning…. We put on the safety vest provided in our villa and we walk into the water directly from our villa as our villa has direct access into the water. I tried to swim around and look out for fishes, but none was found. The water became milky the moment we step on the sand in the water. So after a while, we moved to the swimming pool to swim. The open bar is just beside the pool, and we got our alcoholic drinks (unlimited) from the bar and drink in the pool. Its so relax and enjoyable with drinking while in the pool and watching the beautiful sea from the pool.

After the swim in the pool, we went back to bath and get change for the dinner.

This is the open bar where they serve unlimited of alcoholic drink, cocktail, mocktail and fruit juice

Every night in here, there is a theme for the dinner and tonight theme is all white. But we did not bring any white clothes with us, so we just wear whatever we bring. If you would like to join in the theme dressing, you may want to bring more different kinds of clothes to the resort. 🙂

Took some sunset photos before going for dinner… 🙂

926A8449-53 926A8452-54 926A8456-56 926A8458-57 926A8453-55
We went to the same restaurant for dinner as we could not book the other restaurant due to fully book. The other restaurant is not buffet style and is more like fine dinning style. But you will need to book in advance due to the limited tables. But its fine as the dinner in this restaurant is dine by the beach tonight, where all the tables are set on the beach and all the food stalls are also on the beach too. The tables are mostly for couple with candles on it. It looked so romantic…. Haha…

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0096. Photo 20-3-15 10 31 34 pm Photo 20-3-15 10 31 48 pm Photo 20-3-15 10 28 30 pm Photo 20-3-15 10 28 45 pmPhoto 20-3-15 10 44 39 pm
My wife and I dine on 1 table and my couple friend dine on another table. That’s them in the 1st night picture. 😛 The food are mostly seafood. Fizz recommended us to try the tuna and I did. It really taste quite nice and fresh. You could choose to have well done or half cooked. I choose well done as I does not like raw fish. I also tried the sotong, octopus, Chinese dish, salad, breads (the breads here are really soft and nice) etc. The foods are really good. This is the first time i dine on the beach and the feeling is really great. Listening to the waves while eating the food is really an enjoyable feeling that cant be describe by words. After dinner, my friends left first to rest for the night as they are really tired after the long flight and woke up early in the day. But for us, we took our time to eat and went to the lounge area only for water villa guest. We lie down on the net above the water and look at the sky full of stars.. It so beautiful…. The sky is so clear that night that the sky is filled with stars. But we did not stay long as the mosquito came out during to night and buzz around my ears….. So we went back to our villa to rest for the night too


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