April 7, 2015

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Maldives Club Med – Day 3

Day 3 start with woke up around 7am today as we had ordered the breakfast to deliver to our room again at 7.30am (slightly earlier than yesterday). I ordered the English breakfast again while my wife ordered Japanese breakfast. But dunno why in the end 2 set of English breakfast and 1 set of Japanese breakfast was delivered to us instead. So in the end, I ate 2 set of English breakfast… So full again….Hahaha…. 😛 This time we opened the door to the balcony fully and had the breakfast in front of our bed….. 🙂

926A8588-119 926A8590-121
After breakfast, we rest for a while before we meet up with Michael & Janice for the snorkelling trip again. But this time, my wife stay in the room as she could not snorkel in deep sea.

926A8596-124 926A8597-125 926A8598-126 926A8603-127 926A8604-128 926A8607-129 926A8608-130 926A8628-134 926A8630-135 926A8634-138 926A8631-136 926A8617-132 926A8621-133
This snorkelling trip we do not need to take the swim test again as we had taken it yesterday. So we proceed straight to the boat after the briefing. As the boat is a small speed boat, we sat on the front of the boat enjoying the wind blowing at us. 😛

This time the snorkelling destination is another pinncles where we had free style snorkelling without the need to follow the instructor. The snorkelling at this area is much better than yesterday as we are nearer to the fishes (almost could touch them) and I could even step/touch on the corrals(but advise not to step or touch as we may be cut by those corrals and may be allergy).

As Michael, Janice and me keep snorkelling and swimming forward, suddenly when we look back, we noticed that we are the only ones left in front. Most of the rest of the guest had already head back to the boat… So we also turn back and head back towards the boat too.. Hehe… 😛

When we reached the resort jetty, my wife was waiting there for us. We proceed to the pool for the dip in water again. As we reached the pool, there is the aerobic class again. And there will also be water polo sport game later in this pool. We got some drinks from the open bar and head into the pool. My wife trying to join in the aerobic dance. 😛

After the watching the exciting water polo sport, we head towards the restaurant for lunch. Its the buffet lunch again… 🙂 But the good thing is that the variety of the food here keep changing, thus we will not get sick of eating the same kind of food. That’s the plus point of this resort. After lunch, we head towards the lounge for a short rest while surfing the internet. We had got some beers from the lounge to our villa too. Then we head back to the villa for a rest while drinking beer and snorkeling around our villa. Its our free and easy leisure water activity time again! 🙂

After few hours, Michael & Janice went back to their villa for a nap. My wife also need a rest too. So I just went out for a stroll around this island and taking photos of this resort & island myself. So let me introduce a bit on the different part of this island base on my memories…. 😛

926A8646-156 926A8649-158 926A8655-159 926A8663-163 926A8656-160 926A8664-164
The photos above shows the water villa which we stayed for these nights. It is the most expensive accommodation among all the accommodation types in this resort. But you should try this cos its the best experience of staying above the water where you could wake up every morning looking directly into the sea. It really a cosy and best feeling.

926A8659-161 926A8660-162
This is the water villa lounge that I had been talking about in my blog. See those net above the water where we could lie on? Those are the net that we lie on during the night watching the stars.. In this lounge, you could have unlimited alcoholic drink, soft drink, hot tea/coffee and juice. And there is free wifi in this lounge too. By the way, there is free wifi in every water villa too, but reception is not too good. So we mostly came to this lounge to surf net if needed.

926A8667-166 926A8738-204926A8737-203926A8741-206926A8736-202926A8735-201
See the open bar in the photo above? This place you could get all day long unlimited alcoholic drink. soft drink and juice too. You could chill out at here during the night or day. There are tables and chairs around the bar. During the night, there will be live performances or disco held here.

This is the beach area in front of the pool. A lot of people like to lie around here sun tanning and swim in the sea.

926A8673-170  926A8691-183
The above is the restaurant that we had been taking all our meals. There are outdoor area to sit for meals where you could eat and enjoy the sea. There are also indoor area, including an area with air-condition if you are afraid of too hot weather. They cater international buffet style food.

926A8674-171 926A8675-172
The above the beach area nearer to the gym. There are lots of sun tanning benches where people lie here for sun tanning. And I seen some half naked (female) doing sun tanning too. 😛 The gym is in the photo above where you could do your workout.

I think this is the sailing boat where you could rent for doing sea sailing activities.  How much I am not sure….

926A8679-175 926A8680-176 926A8682-177 926A8683-178 926A8684-179
This area is the further down the left side of this island. Its kind of less people cos its further from the main area of this resort. You could enjoy a more quiet beach here if you prefer less populated area.

These are the bungalow type accommodation beside the beach.

These are the another type of accommodation which are in the middle of the island, not near the beach.

926A8697-185 926A8702-187  926A8711-190 926A8713-191 926A8720-195 926A8716-193 926A8717-194 926A8721-196 926A8729-199 926A8724-197
These photos show the jetty area where the snorkeling, diving activity gathering place located. It is also the place where you board the boat to Male or enter this resort.

926A8715-192 926A8728-198
An overview of the island from the jetty

This is the island seen on the other side of this resort island. Saw a boat on the land?? Funny….. On this part of the island, its very quiet as most of the people stay on the other side of the island. It is due to the current on this side is much stronger than the main beach. So noone wants to swim in here.

926A8798-232 926A8797-231 926A8746-208 926A8753-211 926A8762-215 926A8758-213 926A8761-214 926A8750-209 926A8766-217 926A8768-218 926A8772-219 926A8776-220 926A8777-221 926A8778-222 926A8781-223 926A8785-225 926A8787-226 926A8794-228 926A8795-229 926A8796-230
These are the rest of the photos that I took on my way back to the villa. There is only 2 words to describe this place, relax & beautiful. This is the place where you could rest your mind and distress.

When I returned to the villa, its already evening time. After a bath, we meet up with Michael & Janice at the lounge area to have some appetizer before we proceed to the restaurant for our last dinner on this island.  Today theme is all black. Lucky i had a black polo t-shirt. 🙂 And today menu is chief choice.

After dinner, we stroll around this island and take a look at the shop that sell local items and beach stuff. They also sell snorkeling set. But i do advice that you bring your own snorkeling set if your want to snorkeling around your villa because there’s no rental of snorkeling set here (only provided when you join the snorkeling trip) and the snorkeling set they sold here is expensive.

After that, my wife return to our villa to rest for the night as shes’s tired and I join in with Michael & Janice villa to drink the last bottle of champagne that was provided. After that I also went back to rest for the night.

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