April 7, 2015

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Maldives Club Med – Day 4

Day 4 start with waking up earlier to pack our luggage as we are leaving this island today… 😦 I’m so reluctant to leave this paradise, back to my reality…. But no choice, holiday always end so soon. After packing, I took some photos of our villa.

926A8845-249 926A8843-247 926A8842-246 926A8841-245 926A8844-248 926A8840-244 926A8839-243 926A8838-242 926A8837-241
Took some time to take my last relax in this resort. Manage to see many baby sharks swimming together around our villa.

926A8817-235 926A8818-236 926A8807-234 926A8806-233
We left our luggage in front of our villa door for the resort staff to collect before we left for our breakfast at the restaurant. We decided to take the last breakfast at the restaurant as there are more variety to choose. Had some scramble egg, bake beans, breads, sausage, orange juice and coffee….. After filling up our stomate, is time we say goodbye to this paradise island…

926A8846-250 926A8849-253 926A8850-254 926A8851-255 926A8853-257
We board the ferry back to Male. As we were at the jetty, the GO had a good chat with us and when the ferry moved off, they keep reminding us remember to return here… 🙂 They are really very friendly. After 30mins, we reached Male airport and we proceed to check in. Goodbye Maldives!

926A8854-258 926A8855-259 926A8858-261

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