July 28, 2014

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Gold Coast Day 2

Woke up early morning and ate the cereal with milk that we brought from Coles for breakfast. After breakfast, we check out and drove to Bunderberg for lunch. Bunderberg is a nice, cosy and peaceful small town where the famous bunderberg rum are made. We stop by the central area to look for a place for a nice lunch 🙂 We found a cosy cafe where we could dine along the road side under the nice sun and the cosy wind. Michael and Janice shared Bacon on Toast, Scramble egg on Toast and tea. While my wife had BLT sandwhich with chips and hot chocolate and I had Big breakfast with cappuccino.


Michael & Janice. The lovely couples…. 🙂

My wife and her lovely smile…. 😛


We took our own sweet time to eat the lunch as the weather is so good and relax that we simply can’t find any reason to rush ourselves. 🙂 After lunch, we stroll around the area here before we make our way to our next stop, Rockhampton, which we will stay a night there at the farm stay.



We continue to drive to Henderson Park Farm Retreat, which is our 1st farm stay in Australia for a night there. But before going there, we stop by Rockhampton town to get some groceries and food for the night. After a very long drive of 4hrs, we finally reached Rockhampton town with my tired head…… Its so refreshing to shop for groceries here as the supermarket here is very large with all sorts of food. After getting our groceries, we drove another 30mins to the Farm Retreat. By the time we reached there, the sun is going to set soon. The farm owner came out and lead us to our cabin and give us a quick introduction on how to make fire for our BBQ and how to use the equipment in the cabin. He told us we need to chop woods in order to start fire for the BBQ. Michael and I opened our mouth big big as we had never chop woods before. But without woods, we can’t start fire and cook our dinner. Thus no choice, we tried to chop the woods and it is indeed very difficult, but somehow still managed to chop some woods enough to start the fire. 🙂 As the sun is setting down fast, by the time fire is started, the sky has turned dark.

This is how Michael and Janice looks trying to cut the woods into smaller pieces 😛 Looks pro like a wood cutter.



This is our dinner, which consist of juicy tender steak, baby potato, salad, cookies (which are all included in the food provided by the farm) and sausages, sweet potato, creamy potato salad and corn (which bought at the Coles). The steak is so good and juicy.

Photo 29-6-14 4 25 42 pm-1

Photo 29-6-14 4 26 12 pm-2

Photo 29-6-14 4 26 20 pm-3

Photo 29-6-14 4 26 34 pm-4

Photo 29-6-14 4 26 40 pm-5
This is how our cabin looks like. It has 1 bedroom with a Queen size bed in it. There is another single bed and a sofa bed in the living room. A small kitchen with the necessary utensils. The stove is on top of the microwave oven. The cabin is very cold in the night as it is winter and the cabin does not have heater type of air-condition in it. Thus all of us tuck under our blanket. We had some red wine and soft drinks while eating peanuts and chips in the living room, watching TV. If there is enough time, I would like to stay out sitting on the chair enjoying the great scenery and great weather outside


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