March 2, 2014

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Tern Link D8 ( New Cycling Hobby )

Recent Lin has been looking at foldable bike and really really want to get 1… So I did some research online and found out the MyBikeshop bicycle shop, which is at midview city. So one evening (last day of cry), we went over after work. First we tried the Tern Link C7 bike, but found it not really suite us as not too comfortable. My wife tried on the Tern Swoop Duo, but found that although this bike is very easy to ride, it is much heavier and only has 2 speed. Then I tried the Dahon Speed Falco. It is very comfortable as it is made in Japan, which is made to suite asian. But the price is quite high and over our budget. Lastly we tried the Tern Link D8 and found it to be quite comfortable. As it is getting very late and the shop is closing, thus we had to come back the next day.

Thus on the next day, we went over for a lunch (Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh) at the mid view city. After the meal, we went to the bike shop again and tried the Tern Link C7, Dahon Speed Falco and Tern Link D8 again. After tried all once again, we finally decided to get the Tern Link D8 ( Jack of all trade ), which is 20 inch wheel, 8 speed and weight 12.1kg . I took the white/blue and my wife took the white/pink colour. After that we drove it back home with out new toy 🙂

This is how it look


And this is how it look when folded up



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