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Surface Pro 3

Recently I just bought the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for portability use. Bought the I5 128GB with 4GB RAM specification model as the next better spec version is more expensive and I find it no point to spend that much as the one that I bought is good enough for my usage. Why I bought this? For portability and the ability to install all software (like microsoft visual studio, Matlab, Lightroom, Photoshop etc), which I used them often for both hobby and study purpose. Its is light as it only weight 1.76lb. Size is 11.5 x 7.93 x 0.36 in. The operating system that is running on it is the Microsoft 8.1. I often bring it out to use at the cafe while drinking coffee 🙂 The battery light is also quite good as it could last me at least 1 day of usage for my workflow. But sometimes just in case, I also brought out its power adapter, which is quite light too. It also has a USB point where I could use it to charge my iPhone too while charging my Surface Pro 3. The screen resolution is quite good as it has bright colours and the touchscreen is very responsive too. Although this has the ability to install games and play on it, I did not do that due to I prefer to play game on laptop instead. I also bought a blue keyboard, which is a must buy if you are going to buy Surface Pro so that you could easily type using that. Although it has the ability to use touchscreen to navigate everywhere, sometimes it will still need the touchpad to move the cursor around the place to do certain task. I also bought the VGA & Gigabit Ethernet multi-adaptor (by j5 create) so that I could link my big monitor, LAN cable and mouse to my Surface Pro 3.  The pen that comes with it could be use for drawing and writing on notes on the screen itself. It is quite useful when I want to write down some notes or message and save it in soft copy so I could access it easily. Below are some picture of my Surface Pro 3


Haha…. sorry for the messy background… Cant find a better place to take photo…. 😛


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